City life is suffocating

Birds chirping and cattles’ bell sound soothed my ears.

And Calmed my mind and felt so peaceful.

The air was moist and cool,

As I took a deep breath to smell the green land.

Peaceful was the feeling I say,

To live with nature and wild.

To hell with the city lights and busy life,

That the days are numbered with poor life style.

That village may not fill your purse,

But will help regain back the lost health.

Saw happy people with no big purse,

Who sat under an old tree that stood so tall.

Like a prosthetic hand, I carry my laptop everywhere,

As I remembered karoshi, I deeply regret.

Should stop this madness,

And live my life atleast now.

Life is too short I guess,

For I see people live with no peace.

I forgot how to giggle

For anything and every thing, we giggled,

As we were in teen age then.

School was like a prison to me,

Where I used to simply stare at the board.

Black board is all I remember now,

Thats where I saw algebra and trigonometry .

After school I never heard them,

But all I can recollect is (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab,

Why in the world is in the curriculum,

For I gained nothing but inferiority complex.

My zoology teacher skipped the reproduction lesson,

Just for that we giggled a lot.

Handsome was the physics teacher,

So I liked the subject more.

Scared like a rabbit of the chemistry class,

That used to give panic attacks.

Miss those giggles as I can’t now,

For I forgot how to giggle.

Kisses don’t define love

Not the one who passionately kisses you,

But the one who stays with you.

In worst, broken times when you stand alone,

There comes a hand to hold and shout for you.

The rage with which he spits fire,

To the one that try to hurt you.

Verbal is the support yet gives you strength to fight back,

And sigh with joy that some one is there.

Once I thought lust defines love,

But a simple nod at dark times does it.

So I run home to feel the love,

With the real people who wish I come home.

Simple living gives a pleasure,

That will stay forever and ever.

Purse and wallet will be there,

But will be useless if there is none to share.

A pet lover will have a big heart to love,

For there lies the soft and true heart.

Love is nothing but a joy,

That reminds you are not alone.

How to work with a stubborn team?

Its not that tough if you keep yourself updated and know the skills to complete the task at a bottle neck situation when the team members desert you just to pull you down.

Lazy member

You may have a member who is too lazy to work smart. This person will have a checklist of endless excuses. Blames on the tools and other resour es to hide his or her inability.

The spectator

This person may have nothing to work but watch the team members and escalate rubbish updates.

The crocodile

This crocodile person will be a happy friendly person who is just the opposite.

The peace maker

This person is a cat on the wall who is aiming your seat. Of all the members, this one is too dangerous but will be helpful to pass messages.

Knowledge is power. Keep yourself updated and thus you can shine in darkness.

Solo Hunter

In the sky, above the clouds,
That majestic creature, flies so high.
So beautiful and strong that spreads its wings,
And looks down on the creatures on the land.
None can reach that heights,
Far too high to watch its prey.
When all settle down if it rains,
For it flies above the clouds to keep it dry.
Amazing is its strength that preys on goats,
As it is the strongest in air.
Just a bird but so powerful,
Can claw your eye balls out of the socket.
Deadly are those looks,
That steal away poor creatures into the air.

How to Get Rid of a Clean Psyco?

Its quite simple. I know a person who dislikes my attitude and has no courage to argue with me but talks nonsense just to irritate me.

Ignore the person

No one has the right to spoil your mood. Once any one has a negative impact on your emotions, cut the person out of your life.

Unfriend the person

Though you ignore the person, its easy to have a sneek peek at your life through the social media.

Stay away

This person may be a common friend. Ensure to keep yourself unavailable for any chats in any socializing events

Be secretive

Do not disclose everything about your activities so that there are chances of getting stalked.

Clean psycos will always have some dignity and mind their own business if they understand your motive.

How to Identify Passive Aggressive People?

Passive aggressive behavior is common in people who lack skills, have no passion towards work and show no interest in self-development.

Delay in work

They try to project any work as a mammoth task and deliberately delay it. If you are not smart enough to know their task, they will easily fool you.

Will object to any change

Change is an enemy for them because it involves dedication, expertise and passion. If that change involves much time aswell, then it would be an impossible task for them.

Work against as a group

If people of same attitude roam in groups that support each other in making a stand point strong, then they are towards a similar personal goal.

Show no remorse

They may feel no guilt in demeaning others to safeguard their image. Will not hesitate to tarnish their target’s reputation.

Passive aggressive people are very dangerous. They create a negative environment with offensive actions aimed at the targeted person.

Signs to Quit the Job

The world class office and the new people around you will amaze you at first and as the days go by, you start seeing the real picture. The days may become extremely gloomy and painful. So its time to quit if you have the possible signs:

Days will move slowly

No matter how much you motivate yourself and take up projects to keep you engaged, your days will move too slowly. You may want to run from office to home as soon as you complete your tasks.

Sundays will be too short

Friday would be like just a few hours back, but it would be Sunday. You will start hating Mondays and welcoming Fridays.

Too much of negativity in you

Your family and friends would get sick and tired of your melancholic talks and would ask you to find another job and stop moaning.

No promotion or salary hike

Most of the folks switch companies if the manager or the management does not recognize their work and are not satisfied with the monetary benefits.

Unhappy days

If you are not happy because of your job, better update your resume’ and find a new job.

A fish Can’t Climb Trees

Thought I was the giver and him, a taker,
Nah! is a keeper, a friend and of course a guardian.
What I got back is too precious,
His time and patience,
That I can never repay.
Standing by, holding tight and loving,
The one that I love the most.
The loved ones can give what they really can,
And it’s foolish to expect a fish to climb trees.

Too Hot to Get Rid of Him!

In the back of my mind, he stays,
And I often shake my head to get rid of him.
Strong is the impact that leaves me crave more for him,
Then I try to reach out to him, but look away.
Hot and dark is he whom I must have,
For he helps me start my day.
A day will go tasteless without him,
As he keeps me awake all day long.
Like to hold him now and then,
And relax on a chair to take a deep breath.
His name is as hot as he is,
And by the way his name is coffee.