The Dark Side of Schizophrenia

adult dark depressed face

Let me take you to the world of a schizophrenic patient who looks perfect and leads a normal life with the help of proper medication, love and affection from his wife.

In the year 1981, when Vimal was working in a Financial Institution, he experienced behavioral changes that included suspicion towards his beautiful wife. As days passed, he started drowning in suspicion and obsession. He barely slept for a week thinking nothing but suspecting whomever he came across. Let that be a constable, a co-worker or a relative regardless of the gender. Being a well-educated guy, begged his wife Riya to take him to hospital. Vimal and Riya were a part of a joint family that believed in superstition. Their superstition delayed Vimal seeking for medical help. When they made it to the hospital, Psychiatrists treated him for his mental disorder that included six times of Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) within 40 days. During his stay at the Psychiatry ward, he was quite shocked to see patients that included a Doctor, a senior Executive, a tailor, a teacher and others. Vimal’s recovery was amazing, yet had to rely on Psychiatry drugs for life time. One should appreciate Vimal’s wife for her grit and determination till this day.

*The characters are fictional.


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