Be bold to stand out

Stand out so you are mysterious, But be sure to be yourself. Never whisper any secret, For they need to be buried forever. To be unique, may have […]

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How to fix black and white screen in Windows?

Step 1: On the search box, type Turn color filters on or off. Step 2: Click Turn color filters on or off. Step 3: Turn off Apply Color filter. […]

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Life is like a rose

Is simple, yet lives to the fullest, No wonder is  a symbol of love. The petals so soft with velvety texture, Gives out the most intoxicating fragrance. The […]

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let’s not wait!

I was disturbed, depressed and blank, For I had no clue where to treat him. Saw a few who could do nothing, And I reluctantly pinged my friend. […]

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It’s a freedom song by a caged bird

The golden cage was open, Yet she stayed inside the cage. Her wings were light and she could have seen the sky, But something stopped her. Thought she […]

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City life is suffocating

As I looked around, the vast land was covered with green, And had a fresh look with no blemish. Birds chirping and cattle’s’ bell sound soothed my ears, […]

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