Before and After Chemo with Immunotherapy

Six months back, the patient X had a heart attack and was taken to a private hospital with the hb count as low as 5.4 g/dL. He was […]

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Pneumonia Immediately After Chemotherapy

Pneumonia immediately after chemotherapy, is too severe for a cancer patient. With the highly compromised immune system, the bacteria or virus takes control and infects the patient with […]

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Will Chemotheraphy Kill Cancer Cells or You !

Even very low dose of Chemotherapy is so toxic that it starts killing the fast-growing cancer cells as well as the good cells, thereby reducing the immunity to […]

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Low Hemoglobin Count and Heart Failure

When you show symptoms of coronary heart disease, followed by electrocardiogram (ECG) test, you will be suggested for a coronary angiogram. Once the blood results confirm low Hemoglobin […]

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M Spike, a Mystery to the Common Man

When a Doctor informs you that there is an M spike in blood, you may scratch your head hearing the medical term for the first time. Its a […]

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Cancer in Disguise of Anemia

Plasma cell neoplasm that sounds Greek and Latin to a common man is a disease that makes too many plasma cells in blood. This is confused with Anemia […]

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