Skill, a necessity!

You are what you accomplished, How you jumped the hurdles, With the acquired knowledge, In this crowded world! You can always stand colorful, With your chin high, spine […]

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You be ready for avatars,That will grow you wings,Do not hesitate to crawl,Or hang upside down! You walk on rough roads,That will grow tough skin,Coarse may be but […]

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An ornament or a treasure?

You often keep watching me,Who am I really? Am I that important?Often you hide me from others! And keep in the most secured place,Am I an ornament or […]

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How to remove an installed update on your system?

1. Select the Start button, then select Control Panel. 2. Click Programs. 3. Click View installed updates.  4. Select the update you want to remove, then click Uninstall. See also How to […]

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Rest and leap

It’s alright to quit if it’s needed, For there is no hard and fast rule, When it comes to health and peace, If ignored will put you down. […]

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Our Beautiful Betta

We put our Betta in a small glass bowl,And wondered its beauty as it was colorful,A candy to our eyes, was the precious fish,As we were just kids! […]

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