The blunt pain

The blunt pain that spreads,
Heavy as a rock, on the chest,
When you can’t cry,
Is the fear of losing.

It’s better to shed the pain,
Through tears, else will stay,
Forever as a nagging pain,
Growing into your brain.

None can stay forever,
But the fear of losing,
Is a nightmare than losing,
Anyone close to your heart.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Hospital brings out love

In the hospital, love blooms,
Forgetting ego and remembering love,
That might have been undercover for long,
But outbursts as a beautiful beginning.

Those beautiful moments when both,
As a couple care for the teeny tiny one,
Open their hearts and pour out good moments,
Love in eyes that prove they still are in love.

Without ego both are lifeless,
As it defines their real personality;
It’s better to be true but not fake,
As relationships are made out of trust.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Be careful!

Run, to be a part of the race,
Conquer, else you will have nothing,
Produce, as you have people to feed,
Save, as all will mind their business when in need.

Stand tall to be unique in the crowd,
Be bold to withstand the scheming ones,
Ignore the black sheep as there are many,
Be careful with your peers, as they are your competitors.

Care for your parents, as you are their flesh and blood;
Keep an eye on your children, as there are vultures around,
Precious is your life, keep your beloved happy,
Eat healthy and sleep well to live long.

Kavitha Patchamalai

When you aren’t loved!

It’s a blunder to live with one,
Who is just a partner, but not the one,
It will kill you day and night,
With deep wounds that remain forever.

They call it a wedlock,
No wonder you are locked forever,
If you don’t find peace and joy,
Break it, else you may lose yourself.

Unwilling partners fake everything,
For they have no choice, doing so,
Die and rot inside as they feel totally miserable,
And die a million deaths.

You are already dead when you aren’t loved,
There’s nothing left when none is there,
All may leave but the one must stay,
Else life will be as void as a shell.

Once you break the shell,
You may feel alive and novel,
It’s just a step that changes everything,
A chance to see the world with a new eye.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The knight in the woods

As the music filled the room,
The knight took her to the dancing floor.
Soft was the music quite contrast to the stormy night,
That made her dance slowly to the tunes.
She recollected seen him ages back,
When he came riding into the woods.
With a basket in hand, was picking the mushrooms,
Heard the horse hoofs in distance.
Startled by some intruder, collected her frills to flee away,
As that sight amused him, put a smile on his face.
Then he saw her in a party, didn’t wait to nod at her,
A modest woman was she as she dismissed him and walked away.
On the way, the chariot wheels gave away,
For she with her mama and papa stood in distress.
Then came the knight to fix the wheels,
For her parents happened to know him well.
As he mounted the horse to bid adieu,
She bowed and thanked him with a smile.
From that moment, he stayed in her mind,
That took her breath away each time.
To end her misery, he came home,
And asked her to marry him.
He confessed that she stayed in her mind,
And bewitched him as his world stood still.
With a secret smile, she danced on the floor,
As a wife and mother of his children.

Kavitha Patchamalai



Kisses don’t define love

Not the one who passionately kisses you,
But the one who stays with you.
In worst, broken times when you stand alone,
There comes a hand to hold and shout for you.
The rage with which he spits fire,
To the one that tries to hurt you.
Verbal is the support yet gives you strength to fight back,
And sigh with joy that someone is there.
Once I thought lust defines love,
But a simple nod at dark times does it.
So I run home to feel the love,
With the real people who wish I come home.
Simple living gives a pleasure,
That will stay forever and ever.
Purse and wallet will be there,
But will be useless if there is none to share.
A pet lover will have a big heart to love,
For there lies the soft and true heart.
Love is nothing but a joy,
That reminds you are not alone.

Kavitha Patchamalai

A fish Can’t Climb Trees

Thought I was the giver and him, a taker,
Nah! is a keeper, a friend and of course a guardian.
What I got back is too precious,
His time and patience,
That I can never repay.
Standing by, holding tight and loving,
The one that I love the most.
The loved ones can give what they really can,
And it’s foolish to expect a fish to climb trees.

Butterflies in My Tummy

Worthy is the butterflies,
That kept reminding me of you.
Often you tickle and move,
That amazed me all day long.
Never got tired of you,
For I was waiting for you.
A hidden beautiful treasure I would say,
For you are a surprise gift to me.
Wished when I would hold you,
And feel your warmth.
Days rolled by making me wait,
Long were the days that never ended.
To wake you up, I would touch my belly,
Soon you would respond with butterflies.
Felt so lucky to be a woman,
To keep you safe and hidden.
Our umbilical cords were tied so tight,
Will eternally stay tied.

Life, a Battle Field

Cutie pie stepped into the school,
For he is all grown to be schooled.
Stood so tall out of the crowd,
But our hearts were too heavy to handle.
Calm was he with the other kids,
But our hearts felt so weak and funny.
There came the call from the school,
That he started crying for us.
Quick we reached to see him sob,
Took him with us as if lost and found.
Looked like a candy to me,
For he is the apple to his father’s eyes.
Poor is the heart that beats for him,
I wonder how to cope up with the rest.
The world is too wicked to handle,
As it is corrupted to the core.
Soft is he like a flower on the road,
As the road may not be smooth and even.
Now I know the purpose of life,
Is to prepare him for the life battle.