The Little girl’s hero!

The little girl’s hero is her father,
And she is his darling child,
Never did he let her out of sight,
His loving daughter is his world!

When he was tired, she took his role,
Happily, helped him in tough times,
Shouldering his responsibilities,
And joyful of keeping her father happy.

Never did her shoulder felt heavy,
As she hated to see him suffer,
Ensured he was peaceful and stress free,
Her hero, the best father!

Years passed as her father grew old,
She tightened the hold and kept him close,
To keep him with her forever,
Her father, the best man on the Earth.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Liking the opponent

She tried not to like him,
In fact, she liked him for his ability,
And cool attitude to people;
A rare combination of brain and heart.

It bothered her while he talked,
An uneasiness that made her sad,
Sad for nothing, may be for the lost friendship,
Or the friendship that was just a delusion.

She always excused from meeting him,
But at times had to face him,
That turned out to be the most vulnerable moment,
With no words to speak.

Kavitha Patchamalai

A tiny, bold sparrow

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A teeny tiny sparrow on a twig,
Chirping and singing aloud,
Of its strength and joy,
Was music to my ears.

Subconsciously, I slowed down,
On the bridge, tilting my head,
To get a clear glimpse of it,
As my inner mind may cherish it anytime.

Is it calling somebody, a lost one,
Or singing for attention?
But I got amazed at the freedom,
To sing aloud as no one stops.

Kavitha Patchamalai




Suicide is not a solution

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If you have a problem, face it.
If you have no one, find one.
If nobody helps you, help yourself.
If the entire world turns against you, ignore.
If your loved ones left you, find another.
If your partner is a cheat, free the person.
If you lost your money, earn it.
If you are sick, fight against the disease.
If your heart is heavy, cry aloud.
If you can’t sleep, seek a doctor’s help.
If you hate yourself, start loving yourself.
If someone abuses you, shout loud.
If you are in pain, get a painkiller.
But don’t kill yourself, as life is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Strings are powerful

A day doesn’t go by without you,
As I close my eyes peacefully,
You soothe my mind,
And spread through my nerves.

You alone have the ability,
To calm my body and soul,
Put my mind to sleep,
Pushing away from reality.

You let me think nothing,
But meditate, slowing my pulse,
Spreading warmth and peace,
As I fall asleep like a baby.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The wasted past

I just turned some chapters back,
In my life book of sweet and bitter memories,
Time wasted with no big goal,
Regret as I age for those moments.

Should have planned quality time,
With my family that is all I have,
Money played the game so well,
Is a slow poison, that killed my time.

All I remember is the hours at office,
And the rest at home to rest,
Should have dreamt big, and chased it,
To cherish my success when I quit.

Books were my companion,
That taught me the way to live,
Else would have got blown in the storm,
I’m sure some good chapters are yet to be added.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The Cab Mirror


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The mirror speaks a million words,
As he couldn’t keep his eyes off it,
Funny was when I caught him off guard,
As some live in a utopia world.

As I lifted my head to see the road,
Saw those pair of eyes again,
Uncomfortable was the feeling,
But I kept mum to discourage him.

My mind was blank and dark,
For I could think nothing,
Waiting for my destination,
As a kid would wait for the class bell.

Then I gave a second thought,
Maybe a harmless look of admiration,
That wouldn’t harm much if ignored,
As it indeed boast my ego.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The dark sky

Yawning loudly, as I opened my window,
Saw the dark sky ready to drizzle,
It instigated me to sit on my balcony couch,
With a cup of coffee to see the dark clouds.

The dark sky brightened my mind,
And the drizzling calmed my nerves,
With warm feelings to relax,
And stare at the sky with no big plans.

As I inhaled the cool breeze,
Could smell the Earth and flowers,
Is this a way they get a shower?
As I smiled at nature, the provider.

My mind wondered like a sailor,
Who sails in a calm sea in rain,
Looking at the sky that controls his move,
Dreading the sea may become rough.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Where to find happiness?

Beautiful feeling is joy,
That lifts your soul high,
Puts your mind at peace,
And gives a glow to your ‘self’.

You sure will have fake friends!
And look so lost and miserable,
In the pursuit of joy in their company,
Return disappointed and sad.

As happiness starts within you,
And at home, you find solace,
In the bosom of your family,
Who,the angels that stand by you.

You are their heart and soul,
And you can never fake a damn thing,
As they know you in and out,
Who share their joy with you.

Kavitha Patchamalai


It’s a violence!

Was a crowded local train,
With people of mixed faith,
As rich don’t prefer train to car,
Majority were middle class.

As I observed the crowd,
Got a glimpse of their activities,
College students joked and laughed aloud,
Others, busy with their mobiles and chitchat.

Caught sight of a lady with a baby,
Who sat emotionless;
Her body looked so fragile,
For the baby must be just a few days old!

The lady flashed in my thoughts,
And haunted me now and then,
Being poor is the worst form of violence,
As she couldn’t afford a comfortable travel.

Kavitha Patchamalai