The Little girl’s hero!

The little girl’s hero is her father, And she is his darling child, Never did he let her out of sight, His loving daughter is his world! When […]

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Sorry pal, go to hell!

Different masks on different faces amuse me, All take distinct roles and play them smart, Often the masks slip to reveal the real face, But I prefer the […]

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One Man Army

When your life is miserable, Temporary is the condition. When the expected change does not happen, It may take a while, but don’t get disheartened. All may be […]

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Life, not so cool!

Saw him pop a pill to calm his nerves, As I threw some questions, nothing out of the box, He turned red and seemed visibly shaken, Felt him […]

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Road trip, a stress buster

As we get, set go on a road trip, Our spirits soar high undoubtedly, Far from the stressful reality, To explore the unknown new routes. Lengthy roads often […]

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The Dark Tunnel

Like a pendulum, it oscillates back and forth, One is fondness and the other is a mystery, The key to the mystery is a real mystery. Venomous and […]

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