All whisper the word, “cancer” !

People pity and whisper the word cancer as it is truly deadly and scary. A common man cannot afford to get treated at a private hospital as the medicines are costly along with the room rent, investigation and other charges. On the other hand, the government hospitals slow the process.

You have to find a private doctor, a genuine soul who treats the patient with concern. One such doctor will give you strength to fight back but not the one who scares the patient to death.


Stay away from the sick mind,
That manipulates and tries to stop, scare and destroy you,
As the evil, incompetency spreads like a moss;
Or like a parasite that invades and feeds on you.

Stay close but be far to mask your anger,
For it will drive you nuts,
Let them not know your move,
As they wait to play games with you.

Anxiety is their problem as you have nothing to do,
Wait and watch them fall, as no one escapes karma,
Pathetic is their effort to win you,
As they fail again and again,
Just to see you stand so tall.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Road trip in silence

Cool is the ride on the road at night,
As it is calm and with no big fuss;
So are we who remain silent,
As the wheels take us on a silent ride.

Soft music penetrates and soothes the mind,
That has lots of deep never-ending thoughts,
Silent night ride on the road is therapeutic,
For it puts our mind to deep sleep.

Lights flash throughout the night,
As the other vehicles become our travel partners,
Chasing one another just for fun,
For we stay awake to see the race.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Family bliss

ground group growth hands

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If one is out and else together,
No big smiles but a gloomy look,
As that one too comes in,
Lights burn till midnight.

Mother will be busy in the kitchen,
Where others chill out in front of the television,
As the dog joins us on the sofa,
Wagging its tail for the joke we crack.

We plan for a trip as the clock never stops,
We do execute the plan but not always,
As each chose a different destination,
End up on the sofa giggling all day long.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Road trip, a stress buster

As we get, set go on a road trip,
Our spirits soar high undoubtedly,
Far from the stressful reality,
To explore the unknown new routes.

Lengthy roads often lead to new destination,
Different flavors of food, a treat,
Flashes in my mind to go back again,
Mysterious are some endless routes.

Time ticks away like a sudden rainbow,
On the black road, lies the colorful memories,
Like a canvas splashed with different colors,
That gets imprinted in mind forever.

Refreshes the system that begs for change,
Out I go, feel it in my veins and min,
Stress buster is the road trip,
With the luscious nature throughout the trip.

Kavitha Patchamalai


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May be next time

She wore a black dress, looked elegant,
And carried herself so well;
Some raised eyebrows and some whispered,
I was left totally curious about her.

Her voice was soft but melancholic,
Responded casually to the shopkeeper,
As I watched her fumble into her purse,
Her eyes were void of emotions.

Another day, I saw her in a different black dress,
Beautiful was she but with a long stare,
May be a sad past or a present misery,
For my heart skipped a beat.

I gathered my strength to talk,
But her diamond ring distracted me.
That moment she saw me, but her thoughts were too far,
So, I said to myself, “may be next time”.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The Dark Tunnel


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Like a pendulum, it oscillates back and forth,
One is fondness and the other is a mystery,
The key to the mystery is a real mystery.

Venomous and slimy is that key,
That took my time and everything,
Too precious is to lose, that even covers my age.

When I turn back, it looks like a dark tunnel,
But I never needed a torch to walk,
As I know to walk in the dark.

I found a way out to see the light,
But the darkness seems to follow me,
And it can neither be ignored nor accepted.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Do it on the spot

abstract accuracy accurate aim

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Got to do it immediately, but let that not be later,
For if the moment passes, would be too late;
Chances are slim and may never happen,
Immediate action is a smart move.

Then and there, is the right time,
For I don’t see any plan that works,
Will be lame and outdated,
As it gives you no solution.

Day in and day out, I see sloths,
That move in a pace too slow,
As one would die watching it,
Better don’t do if you don’t love.

It will be a clumsy one,
That deserves a place in the trash,
As smart work is what expected;
Hard work lost its color long back.

Kavitha Patchamalai

The Broken Ladder

Let not the burning fire smoulder,
And make you a prisoner to the comfort zone;
Monotonous will be the outcome,
That may hinder chasing the fire.

It is grave and silent with all lousy,
Zombies that come and go,
With no fire but smoke,
That suffocates me.

See great ones with passion,
As it keeps me going on and on,
Else its claustrophobic and pathetic,
As I search for the one with fire.

Thus I wonder their purpose,
For I see them void and blind,
With a ladder that is broken,
And can never be fixed.

Kavitha Patchamalai