Skill, a necessity!

You are what you accomplished, How you jumped the hurdles, With the acquired knowledge, In this crowded world! You can always stand colorful, With your chin high, spine […]

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How to delete temporary files on your system?

Follow the steps to clean the temporary files on your system: Kavitha Patchamalai

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Before and After Chemo with Immunotherapy

Six months back, the patient X had a heart attack and was taken to a private hospital with the hb count as low as 5.4 g/dL. He was […]

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Dora Haircut

Seated behind him in a meeting, My work partner and I saw something, And smiled instantly, both amused, At this guy, a senior and popular one. I couldn’t […]

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Nursing! a noble profession

Caring hearts that flinch not, For the wounds that bleed, But care for the hands that shiver, And for the crying eyes. Daring is their heart that, Jumps […]

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