The Race

Run slow and reach the goal, No sword is above your head, It’s your life and yours alone, Keep a slow pace and be cool! No point in […]

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Inside the Ocean

Irresponsible is he to her, Hanging out with friends, Avoiding eye contact, talks, That will lead to a fight. A silent maniac is he! She is an idiot […]

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A Heavy Heart

Comes home regularly to work, Does the tasks diligently in silence, Has a heaviness in heart hidden, Which is obvious in her voice. Lived in poverty through out […]

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The Drunken Clown

A few pegs later, starts his drama, Weeping and confronting his wife, Promising heaven and moon, His true inner self emerges out. His addiction turns him a clown, […]

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Grieve not for the lost money, It’s just money you can earn it back. Fear not for the future life, For it will be better that the present. […]

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Angry Birds

One can never be out of the other’s sight, Yet they hate each and every moment, Digging the bitter past memories, Of hatred and events that trigger anger. […]

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