Thank all the two faced maggots, That pretended to help you, As you can always remember, And engrave them in your bad books. Thank the circumstances that refined […]

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Dora Haircut

Seated behind him in a meeting, My work partner and I saw something, And smiled instantly, both amused, At this guy, a senior and popular one. I couldn’t […]

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Check your PF balance

Step 1: From the Google Playstore, download the Future Ready mobile app. Step 2: Login with your registered mobile number (EPFO) to receive an OTP for authentication. Step […]

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One Man Army

When your life is miserable, Temporary is the condition. When the expected change does not happen, It may take a while, but don’t get disheartened. All may be […]

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Life, not so cool!

Saw him pop a pill to calm his nerves, As I threw some questions, nothing out of the box, He turned red and seemed visibly shaken, Felt him […]

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