Be Quiet


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Silence is the powerful weapon,
To keep your tongue in control,
Let others shut their mouth,
Thus, maintaining peace.

Sick people wait in queue,
To break your silence,
Bring out the nasty side of you,
And win over your peace.

Work on your daily goals,
Meticulously focused,
Giving no time for any bullshit,
Ignoring the manipulators.

Being quiet is a secret to success,
But when someone dictates you,
It is time to let them know,
That you are not a puppet.

Kavitha Patchamalai




Don’t run!

Face the wicked and slimy people,
But don’t be scared of them,
And don’t shy away from them,
As you can’t run away.

You may be targeted by a bunch,
But stand strong against all odds,
For if you don’t help yourself,
Who will?

Do your duty and wait for the fruit,
You will get rewarded at the right time,
Grab that moment to enhance yourself,
And succeed swimming against the tide.

Kavitha Patchamalai


Playing hero!

It’s hell to deal with people,
With masks that are fake,
Lips, programmed to smile,
Chat with whom they hate.

I can nominate them for Oscars,
But they will miserably fail,
As they are the worst actors,
Locked inside the mask.

It’s funny to know the black sheep,
Yet, act friendly knowing,
He is behind all drama,
Playing hero, wearing a mask.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Seductive success

Nothing is sexier than success,
Once tasted, it will conquer you,
Instigate you to go for it again and again,
The temptation is too strong to control.

The mind fixes the next target,
And the heart syncs with the former,
To tirelessly work for it,
Till the set goal is accomplished.

Life goal is similar to the professional one,
As both are equally important,
That define your existence in this world,
That’s full of competent and wicked humans.

Kavitha Patchamalai


The Little girl’s hero!

The little girl’s hero is her father,
And she is his darling child,
Never did he let her out of sight,
His loving daughter is his world!

When he was tired, she took his role,
Happily, helped him in tough times,
Shouldering his responsibilities,
And joyful of keeping her father happy.

Never did her shoulder felt heavy,
As she hated to see him suffer,
Ensured he was peaceful and stress free,
Her hero, the best father!

Years passed as her father grew old,
She tightened the hold and kept him close,
To keep him with her forever,
Her father, the best man on the Earth.

Kavitha Patchamalai

That fraction of seconds!

A decade back, on my scooter,
With my mother, on a single lane,
Increased the accelerator high,
As I could very well see a bus in distance.

But I didn’t budge, tried to overtake another bus,
As my brain paralysed, hand glued to the handle bar,
Made a narrow escape through the gap,
That was just enough for my scooter to shoot through.

That fraction of seconds haunted me,
For days and nights, of the consequences;
Still sometimes I recollect the blunder,
A lesson learnt that can never be erased from my mind.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Do I know him?

My brain froze seeing him,
“Do I know him?”, questioned myself,
Looked familiar but unrecognizable,
Damn! the moment passed.

My nosy brain was restless,
As I tried to recollect the image,
Then his image flashed in my mind,
Sweet Jesus! he was bald then.

Questions ran in circles in my mind,
For the new look with the artificial hair,
But the warning bell rang in my head,
To shut up and mind my own business.

Kavitha Patchamalai


A tiny, bold sparrow

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A teeny tiny sparrow on a twig,
Chirping and singing aloud,
Of its strength and joy,
Was music to my ears.

Subconsciously, I slowed down,
On the bridge, tilting my head,
To get a clear glimpse of it,
As my inner mind may cherish it anytime.

Is it calling somebody, a lost one,
Or singing for attention?
But I got amazed at the freedom,
To sing aloud as no one stops.

Kavitha Patchamalai




Suicide is not a solution

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If you have a problem, face it.
If you have no one, find one.
If nobody helps you, help yourself.
If the entire world turns against you, ignore.
If your loved ones left you, find another.
If your partner is a cheat, free the person.
If you lost your money, earn it.
If you are sick, fight against the disease.
If your heart is heavy, cry aloud.
If you can’t sleep, seek a doctor’s help.
If you hate yourself, start loving yourself.
If someone abuses you, shout loud.
If you are in pain, get a painkiller.
But don’t kill yourself, as life is too precious.

Kavitha Patchamalai

Strings are powerful

A day doesn’t go by without you,
As I close my eyes peacefully,
You soothe my mind,
And spread through my nerves.

You alone have the ability,
To calm my body and soul,
Put my mind to sleep,
Pushing away from reality.

You let me think nothing,
But meditate, slowing my pulse,
Spreading warmth and peace,
As I fall asleep like a baby.

Kavitha Patchamalai